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City of Kalamata

Kalamata then…


The acropolis of Farai was presumably located on the spot now occupied by the Castle, which was built after 1204 by Godfried I van Villehardouin.
The castle was renovated by the Franks around the 12th century and Prince of Moria Villehardouin gave it to his daughter, Princes Isabeau, as dowry. Major repairs were made during the 2nd occupation by the Venetians. That was also when the current gate was constructed, over which there is a plaque bearing the faint traces of the Lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of the city of Venice. At the north side of the Castle there is a small Byzantine church, which is said to have been dedicated to the “Kind-eyed” Virgin Mary (Panagia Kalomata in Greek), allegedly responsible for the name of the whole city.


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Kalamata now…

Kentriki Plateia 1

A Vigorously Developing Resort Town & an Ideal Destination for All Four Seasons of the Year.

Built on the mountainside of Taygetos and rooted at the crest of the beautiful Messinian bay.
A blessed city, home to 70,000 inhabitants in the southern part of Greece, featuring pristine nature, a temperate climate and ample sunshine. The air and water temperatures are ideally mild throughout the year.


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Kalamata scents in the fresh air


Our city is beautiful. Look at it from above, look at it from a distance, and then look at it up close.
It has been through some good times. It has experienced great events

From the days of yore until the present day. With its joyful events that lit up the spark of liberation.
 With some terrible events that threw its people into despair.
A city reborn from its own ashes. A revived city. A city that warmed up again. And produced some more good. In other ways, for other people. This is what it still does today…

It syncs with the pulse of the daily lives of its people.
Those who come for only a short time, those coming and going,
those who left it for good but now return in the summer, forever captivated by its memory.
Those who never left.
The city lives with them their every moment, every success.
It breathes in the breath of its children.
The joy of their childhood and youth.
It lives on and never forgets how uniquely blessed it is, basking in this blessed part of the South.
It holds the sun and earth in its salty hands. Its color, silver to the north where the olive trees weave the landscape. Blue to the south, untouched by land, a vast seascape where the gaze can sail away. Earthy to the east, tinted by the fertile impulse of Mount Taygetos. Purple skies to the west as the sundown lulls the city before the torpor of the night.

This is Kalamata.

Farai Smart Suites.
Live the life you always dreamed of at the prettiest resort town of Southern Greece.