Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex


Everything we buy is valuable to us.

The greater the value, the higher the price of acquisition.


This is a timeless causal relationship that naturally comes to mind. Accordingly, we expect goods we deem to be of the same value to also have the same price.

When something comes at a lower price than what we are used to expect, we rightfully assume that we are faced with a true bargain.
Given the current economic juncture, there is a host of goods in Greece that is offered at prices considerably lower than those of preceding years.

A typical example of this are the messages on shop windows of commercial streets announcing discounts up to 20-30-50-70% on the tag price—a clear indication that times have changed and that we are rapidly heading towards a new market environment where prices are considerably closer to actual market values.

The construction sector appears to be slowly following suit, albeit still burdened with some significant residue from old-school pricing policies, which seem to have taken root in the minds of both property owners and developers.

Luckily, as is the case with all sectors of the economy, there are certain professionals in construction too, who believe that we have to reverse the bleak outlook of our time and find a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of these professionals is the manufacturer of Farai Smart Suites in Kalamata. After carefully monitoring the real estate market fluctuations and employing the services of market research specialists, he successfully deciphered the purchasing behavior of today’s potential new residential property owners in Greece.

Following the global trend of the last ten years, which is to build new homes within cities but outside the city center, modern homes that are aligned with new construction technologies and energy saving standards, in areas that feature ample vegetation, fresh air, views of the horizon and easy access, he decided to develop a new design philosophy that encompasses all these added values of our time, yet is also firmly grounded in the reality of today’s Greek or international potential buyer’s purchasing power.

Fully aware of the principle that translates greater value into higher price, he decided to come up with a strategy that reverses this logic and create dream houses at affordable prices, raising the quality standards of the Farai Smart Suites innovative construction to the highest level, while at the same keeping their prices at the lowest level possible.

Hence, today, people interested in acquiring the best their money can buy in the category of modern luxury apartments, which they can use in whichever way they prefer, in one of the most up-and-coming resort towns of the Greek south, are invited to research and compare the values and acquisition prices of property available for sale throughout Greece and find out for themselves that what is currently happening with Farai Smart Suites just off the city center of Kalamata, in the historical district of Farai, is indeed a dream come true.

Farai Smart Suites.

Uniquely low acquisition prices so you can live the life you dream of in homes that are much more like suites of luxury resorts

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