Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex


We all love to have our things fitted to our personal taste.

This is why we do our best to make sure every small or big gift we get for ourselves matches—or comes as close as possible to—the way we have imagined it.

And when the gift comes from someone else who cares for us, the joy is even greater!

Picture the exhilaration we feel at the moment when we unwrap a gift to find out that, rather than it being something ordinary or perfunctory, we are actually gifted with the object of our desire.

Our joy pours out spontaneously and we embrace the donor with the warmth of our sincere gratitude.
The innovative developer of Farai Smart Suites in Kalamata carefully delved into our deepest desires and drew inspiration from the brand new approach to home design and construction, offering us, with absolute consistency, the surprise gift that we’ve all dreamed of.

A brand new Farai Smart Suite, custom-tailored to our taste, with the added option to further customize it so that it truly becomes the home of our dreams!

Facing to the north or south, featuring a private garden or rooftop patio, located on the ground floor or higher up, spanning over one or two levels, expandable in total area,
boasting a functional kitchen, a modern bathroom, ample open-space layouts that you can furnish with classical, modern or low-cost furniture, large windows for ample daylight and some smaller ones for sound absorption, heating, insulation and cooling via heat pump, ramps and corridors for ease of access, elevator, staircases, parking areas for bicycles and options for additional interventions for extra customization to adapt to your individual needs.


Farai Smart Suites.

The gift of a lifetime, custom-tailored to your needs.