Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex

Kalamata now…

A Vigorously Developing Resort Town & an Ideal Destination for All Four Seasons of the Year.

Built on the mountainside of Taygetos and rooted at the crest of the beautiful Messinian bay.


A blessed city, home to 70,000 inhabitants in the southern part of Greece, featuring pristine nature, a temperate climate and ample sunshine. The air and water temperatures are ideally mild throughout the year.

Even if not a winter swimmer you can enjoy the sea from April through October every year; you can bike on the bicycle trail of the city or take long walks by the sea on the promenade. The winters are mild featuring refreshing showers and starlit nights. Breathing in the fresh mountain air as the sun slowly emerges over imposing Mount Taygetos is the best start to a marvelous day!

Kalamata: the city to live in – at a glance:

  • Modern high-speed highway connection to Athens
  • International Airport
  • Port that accommodates ferry boats and cruise ships during the summer (connection with Kythira and Crete)
  • Marina for yachts and sailboats
  • 3-kilometer-long coastline for swimming, walking or playing sports
  • The biological treatment system ensures clear seas all year round
  • The tap water is perfectly clean and potable
  • Historic Center – the old town of Kalamata
  • Museums: Archaeological, Historic-Folklore and Military
  • Hotels and other accommodation facilities that operate all year round
  • A plethora of tavernas, restaurants, bistros and cafes
  • Shops with countless shopping propositions for clothes, footwear, household and professional equipment
  • Regional businesses with local traditional products
  • Brand chain stores
  • Supermarkets featuring goods by local producers
  • Plant nurseries and garden supply stores
  • Organic foods and products and much, much more.


The 120th Training Wing of the Hellenic Air Force, the Technical Educational Institution and the local campus of the University of the Peloponnese are some of the institutions boosting the city’s economic life.


Agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises in the sectors of manufacturing and commerce, as well as tourism businesses are allies to the city’s growth.
Olives, genuine Kalamata olive oil, figs, currants, prickly pears, ovries, wild asparagus, herbs from Mount Taygetos, potatoes, peanuts, honey and many garden produce are some of the delicious local products of the region. World-renowned are the Kalamata pastelia (sesame and honey bars), the local noodles, the lalangia, kourabiedes with oil, diples, the preserves of olives, figs and grapes, the balsamic vinegar, the sfella cheese, the talagani, syglino, raki, ouzo, wine…


The vibrant cultural, recreational and sporting life of the city enriches the life plan of its residents and visitors with: the annual events of the Cultural Organization PHARIS; the International Dance Festival at the International Dance Centre, top theatrical productions at the Municipal Theater, the Castle and the Municipal Cultural Center; the “White Night” in August; the Carnival; the International Meeting of Rhythmic Gymnastics; the “Papaflessia” International Track Meeting featuring champions from around the world; happenings at the Park and the open-air Railway Museum; the Jet Ski championship at the beach; the Runners Club races; the Mountain Climbing Club’s ventures on Mount Taygetos and the Taygetos Pyramid.


A multi-faceted city, waiting for you to experience it!