Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex


Enter to WIN your dream house FOR FREE

Buy ΘΑΡΡΟΣ newspaper of Kalamata every day.

With every issue of ΘΑΡΡΟΣ newspaper that you buy, you earn one additional coupon-entry to the prize draw for a brand new Farai Smart Suite apartment!

The more coupons you collect, the greater your chances to be the grand winner of a brand new Farai Smart Suite apartment in the district of Farai, Kalamata.

The draw for a free brand new Luxurious FARAI SMART SUITE , will be repeated on the 30th of December at 19:00 in the company’s offices, Makedonias 21, Kalamata .

Terms of Participation

  • The contest for the grand prize of one Farai Smart Suite home is organized by the technical company “D. Koumanis Construction Enterprises” (hereinafter The Company).
  • The coupons for the “Free Luxury” contest will be published in newspaper ΘΑΡΡΟΣ between December 23rd 2015 and March 31st 2016. Each issue of ΘΑΡΡΟΣ newspaper contains one contest entry coupon. The participants of the contest, if they wish, can obtain more than one entry coupon daily, buying more than one issue of ΘΑΡΡΟΣ newspaper.   Each contestant can enter more than one coupons into the contest.
  • The lucky winner of the draw shall win a brand new 54.35 sq.m. Farai Smart Suite apartment (suite no. D19) in the Farai district of Kalamata.
  • Contestants are required to deposit their coupons at the Company offices , Makedonias 21 Kalamata 24131 tel 2721094233,  every Monday  6pm to 9pm, between the beginning of the contest and up to seven (7) calendar days before the day of the draw. Their contest entry is submitted with Kalamata attorney FOTINI KARAGLANI and each contestant receives a printed proof of his/her participation, mentioning their coupons’ serial numbers.
  • The winner and future owner assumes the obligation to undertake the apartment complex management of Farai Smart Suites for a period of three (3) years, in accordance with the condominium’s Declaration of Conditions.
  • The prize (free giveaway) does not include transfer fees and expenses such as notary public, lawyer, taxes, VAT 23% (first residence is exempt from VAT 23%) or any added provision or utility service connection expressly described in the complex’s technical specifications (e.g. connection to power/water supply/sewage network, video intercom doorbell, solar water heater, TV antenna, etc.).
  • The Farai Smart Suites compound shall be built as an apartment complex of autonomous, individually owned apartments (condominium/commonhold), a development that is unique in its kind both in Kalamata and the rest of Greece, featuring the lowest prices of acquisition in the Greek real estate market for such state-of-the-art structures.
    Considering its price ranging between EUR 50,000 and EUR 99,000, each unique Farai Smart Suite poses a one-of-a-kind bargain acquisition, unmatched by any other modern residential development in Greece today.
    A truly smart innovation in the field of residential development, which helps lock acquisition prices at extremely low levels for each brand new Farai Smart Suite, provided that a dozen (12) residences have been sold prior to the commencement of construction. 
In this way, this inspired development concept gives the first twelve future property owners the opportunity to acquire the tailor-made home of their dreams at the lowest price of the decade in the luxury home category.
  • The sweepstakes for the giveaway of one free condo is predicated on the aforementioned precondition of the sale of twelve (12) apartments. If the first twelve (12) condos have not been sold by the end of March 2016, then the duration of the contest will be prolonged by two months and the terms for the sweepstakes will be reviewed.  
  • Construction works will commence as soon as the first twelve (12), out of a total of twenty-three (23), apartments have been sold.
  • The draw for the grand prize winner will be held publicly in the presence of Kalamata attorney Fotini Karaglani. The exact date and time of the prize draw will be announced within seven (7) calendar days after the end of the contest duration.
  • Every person with the capacity to perform legal acts has the right to participate in the prize draw. Employees of ΘΑΡΡΟΣ newspaper, members of the Company, the lawyer  present at the draw or the property transfer, are all excluded from participating in the draw.
  • The lucky winner of the draw is required to appear, in person or by legal proxy, within thirty (30) days in the office of the Company, in the presence of Kalamata attorney Fotini Karaglani, in order to verify the validity of his/her participation in the contest and assert his/her claim to the prize.
  • If the lucky winner fails to appear within the aforementioned time period or is in any way impaired from asserting his/her claim to the prize, or if the terms of participation in the contest are found to have been breached in any way, the draw and awarding of the corresponding prize shall be annulled and the Company shall be free of any further relevant legal obligation. In such a case, the Company shall be obliged to repeat the draw after thirty (30) days in order to identify a new winner for the prize that failed to be granted to the winner of the first draw (or the immediately preceding draw, should there be a series of draws).
  • The prize is personal, non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash or exchanged for another prize.
  • The Company shall transfer the free apartment to the contest winner upon completion of the complex’s construction. The prize-apartment shall be transferred to the lucky winner free of any legal encumbrance (security interests, liens, servitudes, etc.).
  • The Company reserves the right to announce the name of the winner over the internet, to broadcast audiovisual material and to publish photos from the procedure of the prize draw, as well as the delivery of the prize.
  • The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of the contest, to postpone or cancel the contest, and/or to postpone the draw. Any modification shall be publicized on the condominium website and in newspaper ΘΑΡΡΟΣ and shall take effect on the date of its publication.
  • Every person having the capacity to perform legal acts has the right to participate in the draw. Employees of the newspaper ΘΑΡΡΟΣ, members of the Company, the lawyer attending the draw or transfer shall be excluded from participation in the draw.
  • Any dispute that might arise relating to the contest shall be resolved by the competent courts of Kalamata. Applicable law is the law of Greece.
  • Entry into the contest automatically implies unconditional acceptance of the above mentioned terms.