Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex

Innovative Development


to the brand new innovative development we are introducing in Kalamata on the basis of the latest global trends in residential development. State-of-the-art luxury residences with unique innovative development features, easy to acquire and available to use as you wish, located very close to the city center.


In this day and age, residential construction and development, as well as the advances in green technology for building structures, are faced with the repercussions of our country’s economic crisis. Both private and professional investment in property development has slowed down, despite the relatively low-risk nature of such investments in Greece.

Nevertheless, a new global residential trend, which has been spreading rapidly in recent years, has introduced in the Greek market an extremely interesting innovative approach to development, featuring a series of unique characteristics

The first one is “Decentralization within City Limits,”
a trend in residential housing that aims for locations outside, but very close to, the city center,
ensuring easy access to it at all times, while living in open-air spaces with lots of trees and vegetation, ample parking space, solid urban and road planning providing uninhibited access to major highways as well as the most popular city & countryside destinations. Coined by some as the “reversal of the suburban exodus,” this trend aims for new residential districts in revamped urban settings, which, however, lie comfortably outside the busy nucleus of the city center.

A state-of-the-art apartment complex, featuring the latest green technology and extremely low prices of acquisition.

The second, equally unique feature of modern innovative construction,
is the combination of the most up-to-date exterior and interior architectural design, providing maximum functionality of spaces, without the obtrusive interposition of walls & partitions, thus creating an open-plan free space with a New-York-style loft atmosphere..

The present day, with its global crisis, difficulties and obstacles, poses a wonderful opportunity for changing our approach to how we construct buildings, live in them and work in the areas of our choice, offering homes that are distinctly different from those we knew up until today.
In previous times, the suburbs of big cities were populated by somewhat more luxurious homes, usually detached and ultra-expensive structures, which required a generation-long mortgage to be paid up.
The style currently trending favors a modern type of homes that are small in size but ultra-functional, leveraging the most up-to-date construction technologies and featuring a fundamental characteristic: multiple uses at a uniquely low price.


The key phrase multiple uses akamulti-purpose, has been used to describe a wide variety of items, from home appliances and furniture to automobiles, etc. Yet, it is a particularly invaluable characteristic of the modern residence, as it makes for affordable, multi-functional dwellings, featuring ample daylight and space that can accommodate the diverse needs of a diverse range of potential tenants. Such structures can be used as family homes, office spaces, holiday getaways, student residences, vacation homes, or they can be acquired simply for investment purposes, house-swapping or co-habitation.
In Greece, this avant-garde trend is introduced with the Farai Smart Suites in the district of Farai in Kalamata.



Farai Smart Suites
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