Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex

What are the “Farai Smart Suites”

The “Farai Smart Suites” are state-of-the-art apartments, marketed at extremely low prices and constructed according to the most up-to-date technologies for maximum energy efficiency, flexibility of functionality and minimal cost of long-term maintenance.

Smart, spacious, modern, boutique multimodal apartments that fulfill the daily needs of modern people and offer a happy, bright, energetic life.





The No. 1 source of exhilaration due to buying something new is buying a brand new house. The No. 2 source is buying a brand new car.


A clean-cut approach to luxury highlights the stylish elegance of the Farai Smart Suites Boutique Apartments.


On the southern coast of the Peloponnese, at the crest of the Messinian Bay, under the shade of stately Mount Taygetos, basking in the clear sunlight of the east.


Functional design with ample open space, lots of daylight & a no-frills decor.


One of the key featured words, it encompasses all the added values of modern innovative trends and the unique features of construction at minimum cost of acquisition.



Adjustable in size, covering an area of up to 130 square meters, each apartment can be ideally utilized as private home or office, vacation house, guest house, summer abode, student housing, home exchange or retirement retreat, or it can be leveraged as an investment, to keep and rent out or sell on.


A compound of apartments, consisting of twenty three (23) self-contained, aesthetically unique single-level apartments and/or duplexes with balcony, a private garden or rooftop patio, featuring common hallways, a bicycles’ parking lot, a modern ergonomic design, energy-saving materials and construction for ultimate economy and energy efficiency.


Farai Smart Suites are the product of a highly innovative design philosophy. A certain number of them can be expanded into larger apartments, so that every future owner can find the ideal Farai Smart Suite that best corresponds to his or her specific needs and personal use.




Farai Smart Suites inspire me…

“I like to think, write, dream, plan, create, relax, enjoy… I like having my own space, renting it out or exchanging it, enjoying it myself or offering it to others, working in it, cooking in it, tending to my garden, gazing out towards the distant horizon. I like the open-plan space—walls confine me.
I like being able to imbue my own energy into my space. I like to feel free. I like listening to music and quietly singing along. I like cooking delicious meals and savoring them with my friends. I like to have my business partners over and brainstorm creatively!
I like living in Farai Smart Suites, forever. “



To live, to work, to invest, to relax, to play, to dream, to study, to let or rent out, to gift your loved ones, to sell, to supplement your income, to exchange, to vacation, to breathe in fresh mountain air, to relish the Greek sun and sea whenever you want, forever. 


To live

Every day becomes a fun and functional, joyful and relaxing proposition.

To work

The unobstructed view of Mount Taygetos is sure to enhance your creativity, effectiveness and success.

To invest

A very high ROI is warranted by the guaranteed increase in the Farai Smart Suites market value.

To relax

Privacy, safety, comfort, functionality, beauty, luxury—all these qualities blend harmoniously and equitably into each Farai Smart Suite.

To play

Children of all ages, family and friends—all join into the fair play of life.

To dream

Envision the future by letting your gaze rest on magnificent vistas for several minutes or even hours at a time.

To study

Ample daylight and enhanced functionality make for an ideal study space. The peace and calm of the surroundings facilitate concentration and contribute to maximum performance at school or college.

To let or rent out

Ideally located, these properties are easy to let or rent, for the short or long term, just for the summer or all year round.

To gift your loved ones

Offer your family, children and/or parents, a lovely place to call their home: whether college students or newlyweds, young professionals or retirees, they are bound to fall in love with a Farai Smart Suite.

To sell

Ideally designed for easy sale, Farai Smart Suites are among the most attractive and profitable investments, given that they are currently offered at the lowest price possible.

To supplement your income

By renting out a Farai Smart Suite to students, couples, young professionals, retirees or vacationers, for the short or long term, you not only make some much needed extra cash, but also get to enjoy the rewarding feeling of offering them superb accommodation that is bound to have them wishing it were theirs.

To exchange

A Farai Smart Suite is extremely easy to rent out or exchange over appropriate internet-based platforms on relevant social media pages or websites for tourist destinations.

To vacation

Set up a modern vacation house for you and your friends or family that is easy to visit from Athens and all over Greece, but also from Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia or any other part of the world.

To breathe in fresh, clean mountain air

The rejuvenating mountain breeze, carrying the freshness of the springs of Mount Taygetos, fills you with vital energy every waking morning.


To relish the Greek sun and sea whenever you want, forever.