Brand New, Luxury, Greek Resort City , Ideally Located, Greentech, Modern Deco Design, Smart, Standard 42m2 to 83m2 , Expandable to 125m2, Multipurpose Boutique Apartment Complex

Ideal Location

The City

η πόλη της Καλαμάτας

Kalamata scents in the fresh air

Our city is beautiful. Look at it from above, look at it from a distance, and then look at it up close.
It has been through some good times. It has experienced great events.

From the days of yore until the present day.
With its joyful events that lit up the spark of liberation
With some terrible events that threw its people into despair.
A city reborn from its own ashes. A revived city. A city that warmed up again.
And produced some more good. In other ways, for other people. This is what it still does today …

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The Location


The name Farai carries in it the history of old Kalamata.

According to Pausanias, the ancient name of the city, Farai, stems from the demigod Faris (or Pharis), who, according to mythology, was the son of the god Hermes. Faris also had some royal blood running in his veins from the side of his mother, Philodameia, the daughter of the king of Argos, Danaos.
Farai is mentioned as one of the seven cities that Agamemnon offered Achilles so that the latter would put an end to his anger and marry one of the former’s three daughters.

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